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2018 Mid Year Day Designer Launch

Every year since I've been in college I have been using the Flagship Academic Day Designers, and my junior year I even incorporated a second Day Designer using one of their Blue Sky options as my second planner. But this year since I'm graduating (omg someone bring me a box of tissues right now) I've decided that I'm going to trade in my traditional sized Day Designer for the mini! 

My First Tattoo + A Break From Blogging

Everyone needs a break sometimes. It's been three months since I last blogged, and the break was needed. I never thought I would take three days off bloging let alone three months, but I was drowning. My course work was getting to me, the annual conference I plan was becoming more time consuming, I stared working full-time over winter break, and blogging began to feel like a chore. 

Packing List for Disney

Every time I go to Florida it's weather shock. I'm so used to the nice 70-85 degree temps in Massachusetts that mentally preparing for the heat, and finding clothes that I won't die in, is the worst. Normally I would attempt to pack a cute outfit for dinner or something, but this year we're