All in College

Graduation 2018

I did it. The thing I've been waiting to do since my first day of elementary school when they told us we were the Class of 2018. I graduated college. SO CRAZY! This always seemed like something everyone always talks about, but never actually happens, then all of a sudden it did.

2018 Mid Year Day Designer Launch

Every year since I've been in college I have been using the Flagship Academic Day Designers, and my junior year I even incorporated a second Day Designer using one of their Blue Sky options as my second planner. But this year since I'm graduating (omg someone bring me a box of tissues right now) I've decided that I'm going to trade in my traditional sized Day Designer for the mini! 

2017 Back to College Packing List

This list is specifically for moving into a dorm, but the basics apply for an apartment or house as well. And keep in mind going through this list that these are the basics you will need in a dorm, and a few things I've found helpful; there will be other things you may decide you need or want. Use the note pages on the PDF print-out to your advantage! Write down anything extra you think you'll need, make a list of clothing you think you'll need to pack, or even anything you already have! 

Why I Don't Have an Internship this Summer

Every summer since I started college I've held a part-time internship. As a marketing major, I've been dreaming of the internship of my dreams the summer after my junior year (AKA right now). If you asked me in February what my plans were this year I would've said that I was on my way to the perfect internship. 

My First Tattoo + A Break From Blogging

Everyone needs a break sometimes. It's been three months since I last blogged, and the break was needed. I never thought I would take three days off bloging let alone three months, but I was drowning. My course work was getting to me, the annual conference I plan was becoming more time consuming, I stared working full-time over winter break, and blogging began to feel like a chore.