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Lately I have been so distracted. Mid-terms have taken over my life and it's caused my day planner to become lonely. I started feeling really stressed out, even after my exams were over, and I didn't know why; until I looked over and saw my Day Designer sitting all by it's lonesome on the top shelf of my desk.  I sat down and had a much needed date with my planner last Saturday, and I've felt so much better ever since.

How to organize your day designer for college!

Scheduling my planner has been my favorite thing to do since I was a freshman in high school. Yes. I'm a huge dork. It's the one thing I loved that I always tried to hide from my friends, but my love for my planner was definitely apparent during my senior year. Every year I used the same planner (a teachers curriculum planner) and I perfected my organization of it.

I figured I would use the same system when I went to college, but I ended up switching to the Day Designer. Everyone I've talked to about the planner raved about it, and I agree that it's an amazing planner! But I don't think it's for me. It's not suited for a college student juggling assignments, it's more meant for a professional with meetings and appointments. I'm in the process of designing my own agenda/planner that (should) be on sale in June!! (if I can find a printer/publishing company)

Before I get into my ideas for my new planner, I figured I would show you how I organize my Day Designer, and how I use a supplemental sheet to organize my assignments:

| The Daily Page |

Daily Page in my Day Designer

I fill out the daily page of the agenda pretty much how it's meant to be filled out. I put my class times and scheduled meetings in the hourly slots, and my top three goals for the day at top. But instead of putting my to-do's in the To-Do column, I use that space to put any assignments I have due that day or any exams that I should be studying for.

| The Monthly Layout |

Monthly Layout in my Day Designer

This is the most used part of the planner for me. I color code each of my classes and write whatever homework is due when, all of my exams, paper due dates, study group sessions, even readings. And if I have an important event I use washi-tape to distinguish it from my assignments.

| Assignment Sheet |

Weekly Assignment Sheet

I designed a print out where I can organize my assignments how I want to. Personally I organize them by class, but one of the girls who used my print out told me she organized them by her different classes. Having all my assignments for the week on one page allows me to see what I really need to get done that week. Plus I can easily fold it up and stick it in the pocket of my Day Designer.

As much as I loved getting to use the Day Designer this year, it will not be my planner of choice next fall. I'm designing Semester Planners. Thin planners that are perfectly catered to planning out your college or high school semester. I need space to write my assignments in a weekly layout that the Day Designer just doesn't allow me to do. And I will be including a calendar without a ton of pictures or doodles (I'm talking to you Lilly Pulitzer planner) so that you can actually fit everything you need to in your monthly layout. I'm planning on including the option of project planning sheets and exam prep sheets.

Most of you that took my survey said that you'd prefer spiral bound to hardcover, but I think I will make it an option. As one of my good friends pointed out, her spiral bound agenda gets so beaten up being tossed around in her backpack. I can't wait for my dream planners to be a reality! Now all I have to do is find a printing company.

So if you know of any good printers out there ( ;) ) let me know! 



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