Sorority Recruitment and Why I Dropped

I've been thinking about sorority recruitment since I graduated high school over a year and a half ago.  I went to a small all girls high school. We had bigs and littles, we baked, crafted, spent hours watching gossip girl together, and graduated knowing we had found friends that would last a lifetime.  And by the end of high school my friends had all decided to rush a sorority and convinced me to do the same. 

All of my friends moved down south for college, and greek life is a lot bigger down there than it is in Massachusetts, so I decided not to rush when I got to campus my freshman year.  It was during my college's Relay for Life in the spring that I decided I was going to go through recruitment in the fall of my sophomore year. 

Photo From OSU Panhellenic 

Photo From OSU Panhellenic 

I spent the next roughly six months preparing and getting excited about recruitment.  I researched all of the sororities at my school, learned their symbols, songs, philanthropies, etc.  I couldn't wait to find my home; to get the same feeling of safeness I had when I walked blindly into my freshman year at an all girls high school, and I couldn't wait to find another group of girls like the ones I found in high school. 

I was warned that it was going to be emotional, and that I will probably get dropped, but no one prepared me for what really happened.  I did my research and thought I knew exactly what house was the perfect fit for me; then they dropped me after the first round.  Then two more houses that I loved dropped me the next day.  And after I dragged myself to house tours that I wasn't excited about, and tried so hard to connect with girls I hadn't connected with yet, the last house I had an ounce of connection with dropped me the morning of preference day. 

The UMass Chapters

The UMass Chapters

I couldn't handle it.  I texted my Rho Gamma thanking her for all the help she's been, but that I couldn't do it.  I couldn't go to preference parties at houses I felt uncomfortable in with girls I had nothing in common with.  And I dropped.  

I then spent the next 17 hours watching all of the friends I made during recruitment find there houses, get bids to their favorites and get ready to meet their new family. To say I cried is an understatement.  I ended up ordering a pound of wings and stated watching 9 episodes of Grey's Anatomy in a row.

I have been dreaming about the perfect recruitment, finding the perfect house filled with the perfect sisters.  But that didn't happen for me.  People keep telling me to try again in the spring or next fall.  But the thing about greek like in Massachusetts is the sororities aren't big enough to take on a spring recruitment class, and when there's more girls rushing then there are in sororities there are bound to be countless girls who end up like me. 

I am so happy for everyone this fall that went through and found their people.  As emotional as recruitments been for me, I don't regret going through it.  I made some great friends in that short week, and I can't wait to visit them in their new sororities!

Did you Rush? How was your experience/what's your new chapter?!